The new blog!!

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I have bought my own domain and hosting to start a brand new blog.

check it out!!



happy birthday flickr stream

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Just updated my flickr pro account for the second time. Amazing how fast time passes by..

do anyone make real sh*t anymore?

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Recently, I got my hands on a Nikon Super Wide Angle AF-S Zoom 17-35mm f/2.8D ED-IF, which I shot here. Not only was the lens built like a tank, but the case it came with could also withstand some major punishing.

This leather-bound piece of craftsmanship can no longer be found in newer products. It almost gives you the warm fuzzies just holding it.

Feast your eyes...

Nikon 17-35mm case

Nikon 17-35mm case

Nikon 17-35mm case

visit from a lady

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One night a lady invaded my room. But she was a bug. My first reaction was "GRAB THE CAMERA!"...kind of sad.

The set up was thrown together relatively quickly after one shot of just using the bare flashes. The specular highlights were point sources even though the diffuser is many times the size of the lady bug. So I threw some A4 paper in front of the flashes and jacked up the power (lost about 3 stops of power from the paper).

This is like standing next to a softbox as large as a couple stories high if you were the lady bug.

Focusing as tough because of the extremely narrow depth of field even at f16, not to mention the millions of sensor dust that I have to clone out.


Lady Bug Setup

The resulting shots

Lady Bug

Lady Bug

Lady Bug

Lady Bug


lighting a lens

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When I see a for sale post of something, pictures contribute to the decision so much. I hate seeing a stock image from the manufacturer used. Experience tells me that if I take some time to represent the item properly, the sale happens quicker and without any troubles.

A set up I use when I photography lenses that I plan to sell or just making gear porn. This is a Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 I'm trying to sell here.

Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 AF-S Setup

So the SB-900 is snooted up to in my 'ghetto boom' or tilted light stand to just give a splash of light for the peddle lens hood so it is separated from the background.

The two SB-800's on the side are flag with foam sheets to control the light from spilling into the background. The zoom on these two are at it's widest settings since I wanted the spread to be able to cover the entire side. I may want to move the flashes a bit further back in this shot as I may have blown out the highlights a bit.

The final shot here:

Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 AF-S

Also another example of a similar set up:

Nikon 70-200mm